4 Reasons To Drink More Water

4 Reasons To Drink More Water

We all understand that water is nice for us and we likely should drink more of it. So why do Americans discover it so hard to drink from what's the youth's fountain, probably?

Answers differ, but the reality is, according to a research by Dr. Alyson Goodman, a medical epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in ten Americans drinks zero cups of water per day. Zero. She suspects that those who don't consume any (or very little) water will get it from other sources like meat and coffee, but she says that this may not be enough.

"When you drink simple water, many health hazards reduce," claims Goodman.

That's why the findings are "mindboggling," she suggests. Robert Eakle, Alkame Water's CEO, agrees. "No living thing can survive without water," he said. "It impacts every region of our lives and is an important component of keeping good health." But not all waters are developed equal. Enhanced waters, such as Alkame Water, offer more wellness advantages to the body than standard water. Just look at how this can assist:

  1. Balances Body Fluids

Your body is made up of about 60% water and plays essential tasks such as defending your bodies and tissues, controlling your body temperature, and bringing nutrients and oxygen into your cells—essentially keeping your body working like a well-oiled device.

      2.  Makes Your Skin Looks Health

Water moisturizes your skin and prevents excessive liquid loss (imagine free anti-aging gel) as a safety obstacle. It can also maintain your flesh clean and fresh.
     3.   Boots your Immune System

Those guzzling water have a reduced likelihood of becoming ill. This crystal-clear concoction enables combat flu, disease, and other conditions— especially if your water has gentle alkaline characteristics, like those discovered in Alkame Water. Including ionized water in your regular consumption can increase your immune system by adding antioxidants, increase aerobic ability, increase power rates, and hydrate your body more thoroughly through a proprietary technique that changes the molecular composition of water.

       4.   Control Calories

While drinking water may not be a weight-loss strategy, replacing it with higher-calorie or sugar-filled beverages can help by removing fat products, filling you up so that you don't nosh, acting as a natural suppressant of appetite and increasing your metabolism.

Alkame Water, Inc. is an Alkame Holdings, Inc. wholly-owned subsidiary (OTCQB: ALKM). Visit www.alkamewater.com for more data about Alkame Water and its health advantages.


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