Baseball Chews Over Smokeless Tobacco

Baseball Chews Over Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless smoking is just as much a component of soccer as warm dogs and year after year the poor run of the Cubs at the World Series.

While Major League Baseball asks coaches to reconsider a practice as ancient as the game itself, there is also history to believe about— one that has tied the two together in Americans ' hearts and minds.

Then it would be natural to question: is there life without smokeless cigarettes for sports?

Responding to this issue implies looking at the background of smokeless cigarettes and how it has become intertwined with the sport.

When baseball first discovered its footing in America in the mid-1800s, chewing tobacco was highly common (think about Philip Morris and smoking centuries ago), and it was used by baseball teams for the same purposes that other people did— pure enjoyment. Soon, however, players found added benefits to using smokeless tobacco products, such as creating more saliva in the mouth in a dusty environment. This, in turn, helped players to moisten their gloves with spit.

"Tobacco chewing is a tradition in sports," claims Everett Dickson, FLASR's CEO, a firm that produced accounts for the smokeless cigarette consumer. "It's component of the match to see a batter or man twisted into his neck at a bar with a tiny bit of weed. Having said that, we also understand the overall public's worries and promote any policy-makers and Major League Baseball decisions. "Until a choice is taken, however, FLASR expects those who use smokeless cigarettes (from coaches to supporters) to know that there are items that are subtle and assist customers with the more inconvenient and chaotic elements.

One such item is the pocket-sized, mobile spittoon of FLASR, which has an sophisticated locking system to keep it shut when not in use. This eliminates the danger of frequently seen spills and collisions with cups and cans. FLASR reusable spittoons also feature the unique Thumb-Lok Twist Cap for one-handed ease of use, making it the perfect alternative for snuffing, dipping or chewing in the bullpen or on lengthy street journeys.


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