Bitcoins Gain Can Become " Tax- Free "

Bitcoins Gain Can Become " Tax- Free " 

Matt Berna had an unusual tradition until this summer: he moved to a new apartment every year. After doing this for 9 years, the 27-year-old inside sales professional decided enough was enough. "Yeah, I've been moving since I was 18," says Matt, "and I got sick of it. I'm really good at packing and moving, though. I've had a lot of practice."

Because Matt possesses a bike, it was necessary to have a home with a garage. Unfortunately, there were elderly houses in the region he wished–many without garages. And, he was reluctant to go beyond his cost range. Matt did not want to overextend himself as a youthful first-time house customer with student credit obligations. He also had not enough to make a 20 percent down payment in his money.

He had the cash but wondered what would occur if he required costly renovations for his bicycle or fresh house. Matt wished to make sure he still had a rainy day budget just in case, so he studied down payment aid programs. While various kinds of programs are accessible, Matt took benefit of the Easy Close Advantage–Down Payment Assistance program provided through WHEDA (Wisconsin Housing).

His monthly loan deposit is $1,292, including escrow and $59 for down-payment assistance loan. But what does a intelligent millennial do with a large four-bedroom apartment and many former roommates? Yep. Although Matt himself was able to afford the rent, he asked two of his friends to stay with him. His roomies are now paying $550 a month and Matt is paying only $192 of the lease, he’s saving money while building equity. As Matt confides, "I see this house as a really good investment."And on top of that, he can finally get rid of his moving boxes!For more homebuyer resources, visit To find down payment assistance programs in your area, visit 


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