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Best 10 Carbohydrate Foods for Diet

 Best 10 Carbohydrate Foods for Diet
One-third of October has passed, and it is now three months away this year. Is there anyone wrestling for diet from now on towards the year-end and New Year when event grows? Among diverse diet methods, diet has recently been attracting attention. However, according to a survey conducted by MacMill, 1,908 people who had experienced diet in the past asked why they failed in the diet and were frustrated. First place was 37% "because I could not keep the food control". What dieters should avoid is carbohydrates. This time, the overseas media "The Telegraph" introduced carbohydrates that would be friendly to the diet. Today's posting theme is "Best 10 best carbohydrate food for diet."

01. Popcorn

We recommend regular popcorn for snack. According to scientists at the Lip Lifestyle Institute in Florida, normal popcorn is an ideal snack because it is rich in dietary fiber and low in lipids. Buy popcorn beans and make them a fan or popcorn maker .

02. Chickpea

Chickpeas are a kind of beans that can be eaten in Europe and the Middle East. I put it in a salad or add it to a curry-stewed dish. It is rich in fiber and protein, it is effective in diet because it has a fullness when you eat.

03. Brown rice

Brown rice is rice with only rice hulls removed. Studies conducted in Korea show that a woman who eats a mixture of brown rice and black rice a day consumes less weight than a woman who eats rice. Brown rice also contains vitamin B group

04. Kinuya

Kinua, a popular superfood, is grown in the highlands of the South American Andes. I have also been able to purchase it in Super recently. Kinua, a small texture, is mixed with rice and cooked or eaten as a salad. According to a medical journal published by the American College of Medicine, 30g of dietary fiber per day is effective for weight loss. Kinoa contains 1g of 5g conscious fiber.

05. Fresh rye bread

Fresh rye bread is flat cracker-shaped bread. According to a Swedish scientist, those who ate whole - wheat rye bread as a breakfast menu maintained fullness for a long time even though eating less.

06. Whole wheat pasta

It is recommended to choose whole wheat pasta when making pasta dishes. A study conducted at the University of Copenhagen suggests that obese women who eat grains eat less weight than obese women who eat refined carbohydrates. Also, the whole wheat pasta can keep the feeling of fullness and reduce the snack.

07. Greenpeace

I'm Greenpeace, an immature bean of peas and peas. It is often used in fried rice and shuma. Greenpeace, which is rich in zinc, has the effect of increasing leptin concentration and suppressing hunger.

08. Barley

According to a study by Lund University in Sweden, the addition of barley to soup may reduce appetite or reduce the risk of diabetes by barley fiber. Barley also contains a lot of calcium.

09. Sweet potato

Delicious sweet potato that greets season in autumn. Research institutes at Oregon State University say manganese in sweet potatoes is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Also, sweet potatoes are a good source of food fiber and stomach.

10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal, which can be eaten in the morning, is an easy-to-cook oat. US studies have shown that oatmeal has a fullness-enhancing effect. The raw material, oats, contains a balanced balance of fiber and vegetable proteins that sustain energy.

If you continue to strict meal restrictions, stress also builds up. Carbohydrates should not be considered as the enemy of all diets, but you will be able to succeed in weight loss without enduring the desire to eat by choosing and knowing the type of diet. And if you exercise plus the diet will be better.

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