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Oil on my mouth? 7 amazing beauty and health effects

 Oil on my mouth? 7 amazing beauty and health effects

Oil Pulling is an easy-to-use cosmetic brush that uses oil to brush your teeth. 

People say that they are good, but they often know where and how they are good. According to an article in "FOOD MATTERS" that seems to solve the question, oil pooling has great beauty and health benefits. Today 's posting theme is "7 kinds of amazing beauty and health effects of oil swimming pool".

01. Get beautiful "white teeth" with antibacterial and antiviral action

Oil pooling does not require the use of white strips containing chemicals. Because oil has antimicrobial and antiviral action, it can naturally expect tooth whitening cleaning effect. The two-week experience only takes effect immediately.

02. Toxin emissions without consuming energy

When the toxin is released from the human body, the immune system is fully activated in the body. So I take energy away. It is oil pooling that induces bacteria from the inside to the outside before the toxin penetrates deep into the body.

03. Maintains cleanliness in the oral cavity and detoxifies the body

If bacteria move around the body, diseases such as inflammation are likely to occur. The place where these germs penetrate is "mouth". Maintaining the oral cavity, which is the entrance to the body of good or bad, leads to the detoxification of the whole body.

04. Always maintain a stable hormonal balance

The main reason hormone balance is disturbed is because the germs interfere. However, 'oil pooling' does not allow such an obstacle to the body will serve as a guard. So we will maintain hormone balance.

05. Smoothes blood and creates transparent skin

Oil pooling has the advantage of being effective on the skin directly. Removing toxins will clear blood. Then the skin becomes transparent. Oil pooling is effective because skin problems start in your mouth.

06. Stressful Headache Prevention

A headache is evidence that your body is under stress. Do not ignore important signals that your body needs rest. However, when the bacteria are removed by oil pooling, stressful headaches are also improved.

07. A strong support group of tooth decay prevention

If your mouth is clean with oil pooling, you can prevent tooth decay and odor. Cavities are often caused by "streptococcal bacteria". Oil pooling has the power to remove strong bacteria. It helps prevent gingivitis, which is the cause of calculus.

Oil pooling is actually one of the ways I have been loved by Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, since 3000 years ago. There is only one preparation, organic cold press extra virgin oil. Argan oil, coconut oil, and white sesame oil, as well as olive oil, are a hot topic recently. Include this in your mouth at least 5 minutes to 20 minutes dirt in your mouth dirt. The point is to be conscious of the oil around the teeth.

The important thing here is that you should never swallow the oil in your mouth. It is meaningless to swallow toxins to spit out. Spit out and spit out after a while. Finally, brush with toothpaste that does not contain fluoride.

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