l realme x2 pro features and price

realme x2 pro features and price

Using the phone there have been two. I guess you'd call them moments of surprise the first worry specs and bear mind when I say this when talking about ¼  price in Pakistan Rs. 69,999 and Price In India Rs 27,190 And 399 Euros. So 350 pounds in the UK for $450 and for that there's the Snapdragon 855 plus chair the best you can get right now and a 50 watt a super food flash charger. That's twice the power of the one on the no 10 plus. Oh, yeah after that five cameras. Including a 64 megapixel sensor and 90 hurts fluid display. It even has a lot of the things that are usually skipped when trying to cut the price like a dual speaker setup the ability to take Ultra steady video recording and even super fast Universe 3.0 storage. If you go for the highest storage models, that's a lot of stuff and I always thought the price was a typo because with smartphones there's usually some sort of catch so I unboxed it. I used it. I really pushed the phone see if those Jack specifications translated to a great degree. Real World Experience number results from this were the second surprising thing. So the first thing I did was plug it in at a friend the other day who said he was super happy with this new iPhone 11 Pro max partially because he could charge in under two hours. Well this phone the realme X2 Pro in my testing of fully charged in 33 minutes zero to a hundred and it's not even a small battery of four thousand milliamp hours billed wise. It's pretty much been on what you come to expect from a $500 phone these days metal needs glass in a 

Body with a curved back for extra grip. They're not tried anything crazy with the design like they have with past devices pretty plain looking and most lighting conditions, but then it comes to life if you shine a direct source on it my one gripe with the body is just that the transition from the side to the front of the phone is a little sharp not a deal-breaker and I do like the gold accents on the power key and around the primary 64 mega pixel camera. It's really all about what's on the inside though because as I started to use it or one thing became clear in order to hit a price like this. This room. We've had to make some difficult decisions as to the things that are important in phone and things that are less important. And thankfully generally I agree with the decisions you've nailed it is but they feel like smartphones. For example, the camera system is pretty close to talk here. You got a quad camera including a dude on telephoto lens as well as an older white and the main camera is using Samsung's new Isis celebrates gw1 sensor and the resulting shows and all details and those from a Galaxy Note M. Plus if you look outside Window here. You can see them after taking a photo the XT Pro also applies some pretty solid HDR. It's not the best but indecent Ultra steady video on the other hand reduces quality and it's not the most effective solution. But the main 4K video is good. It's plus you can take five times Optical hybrids in photos and inner light in the world another $500 phone's internal microphone audio quality. This is often overlooked, but I think it's really important. Speed is top tier processing of meats fluid and ideas display and you might already know that it's a combination not be underestimated. You think you're cute. I can't get rid of him the might use playing feels more responsive than the 60 hertz almost and but you fs3 storage means we can't load times. I pulled out my call of using Mobile accounts on the phone and we're looking really good experience the audio the screen but more importantly the graphics. I was able to display whilst keeping a solid frame rate. 

Tons liquid cooling system is pretty good. It still gets warm, but nothing along the Wi-Fi is awesome here in some rooms of the house knows getting two times and plus the speed of my Samsung is informed by for minor antenna for stable signal again when we tend to see on flagships, for example, the iPhone tennis has for Life antenna. So I already mentioned that brilliantly spend some time deciding what things are less important on the phone. So what's missing here well coming from the Galaxy is 10 5. G which was around $1200 at launch the biggest compromise I noticed was display to give credit even this is far from bad on the realme. It's a 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display sporting HDR 10 plus brightness similar and both level automatically filter out blue light to reduce. I drink sometimes bezels are narrower and I've heard whole bunch over not taking one look at the iPhone 11 situation and really actually felt look pretty good - charging and IPO. Micro SD card support and the phone is still on Android 9 but the 10 It is coming and I would say those things are deal-breakers for me was having dinner - I don't me out again some handful vibration and feedback. It's not great. But no Burns and that's pretty much it having seen the price haven't seen the specs. I was on the hunt for compromises, but there really aren't many one thing I would say is that walls with most phones the base model only standard variant is the best value in the want to go for my want to creep up to the 128 gig model for an extra fee. 50 euros then just don't think the 64GB storage is quite enough in 2019 plus with the more expensive models. You're not just getting more storage but faster storage, the Dual speakers are loud and crisp I pull up some old mysterious Abbas videos to test and vocal sounded great. Plus they also support high res and Dolby Atmos sound the fingerprint sensor covers a larger area than past generations and it's fast, but actually the face can I even faster and it works at some pretty obtuse angles. So another time by the time you picked it up. Don't turn the screen on it unlocked. You've also got NFC for Google pay and on a final notes from the software skin is color OS the realme was initially launched as a sub-brand of Oppo and even though they're independent now a lot of all those Technologies and software remained. Yeah, that is the realme x2 pro and it feels like as much of a surprise as the macaron everyone did last year. It's an affordable moon is stacked with specs. And even if we assume you're paying an extra 50 euros for the highest Roi model it is still easily the best value. In Borneo the company she has an entire range of something film starting at these super entry level and working away up to this and it's fitting firm to be on top 

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