l Realme X2 X2 Pro Specification Flagship killer in 2019

Realme X2 X2 Pro Specification Flagship killer in 2019

 the realme X2 Pro and it is at this point in time the most affordable device with the new Snapdragon 855 button, which is the most powerful processor from call combat moment and check this thing out quad camera array with the Crown Jewel on the top 64 megapixel sensor, and I've Good side to see what this thing can bring to the table but it comes to camera performance. But let's kick this off by answering the main questions. I think you guys might have doesn't have a headphone jack. Yes. It does is right there on the bottom of the device, which means if you got really expensive white headphones, you can still make the most of them with 24 bit 192 kilohertz high res audio via the wire but if you feel white headphones are a bit too old school nowadays, you've also got Bluetooth by A point. Oh, that's the realme X2 Pro have a Quad HD display. It doesn't but it does have a really awesome full HD Plus Super AMOLED with 90 hurts refresh rate with 402 Cooks was page and when you consider a lot of the flagship devices that you're paying close to a thousand powers for right now don't have that kind of screen Tech. That's pretty insane and it's very impressive. So does it have 5 G unfortunately not at the moment. I record realme a holding out on that one for the 

Hiepro, so I'm pushing no slouch at the moment. But let's be honest about it fighting isn't quite ready. I've got it on my Note 10 plus and it really ever kicks in where I live. So I think the timing would be better for the X3 Pro to bring in the 5G. Does it have a memory card slot? Unfortunately not but there are three variants that are 64 gigabyte variant as ufs 2.1 which is still Flagship level when it comes to take two speeds, but you might find yourself running up memory pretty quickly and if you ask that question about the Memory card slot and you should really be looking at a 256 gigabyte or 128 gigabyte which has ufs 3.0 storage which is super fast combine that with the Snapdragon and you've got a blisteringly fast device. Does it have notification LED on the front? It doesn't because it's mainly all screen. It's got crazy spring to body ratio. And there was just no space to put a little LED on the front how much of a big deal was that for? You? Let me know in the comments

Fingerprint  sensor Features 
Type of fingerprint scanner have they gone for in this device? And I can tell you it's not the Qualcomm Sonic fingerprint reader is actually a brand new world's first. He gets 3.0 which is apparently the fastest on the market today. He unlocked in 0.23 seconds and it's much more secure than the old school Optical sensors that you see it some other similarly priced devices now, that's all out the way let me explain to you why this just might be the FrontRunner 

Flagship killer in 2019.

for the title. Of Flagship killer in 2019. The realme is parent company's BBK Electronics who are also the parent company of one plus Oppo and Vivo. So they have the same access to all of the flagship tector all of those companies do and phones like the realme X2 Pro really excite me because realme having just launched in Europe really have something to prove and it looks to me like they're rolling out some big guns on this one. So let's get into it. The display is 90 hurt Super AMOLED is supports Hasty our template. And it also supports DCI P3 color gamut inside a device is a Snapdragon a 55 plus which is currently the fastest chipset from Qualcomm until the age 65 and the 855 plus is actually five percent faster on a single core and a 15% GPU boost over the 855 and when it comes to Ram it starts at 6:00 gigabyte up to 12 gigabytes and going back to the storage. There are three versions. You can pick up 64 gigs with you FS 2.0 and And 256 with ufs 3.0 my advice to you guys is go for the ufs 3.0 variance. Now, this is the big guns I'm talking about is the quad array 

Cameras Features  

cameras. The primary is a Samsung 64 megapixel sensor. So that pushing the boundaries here with this sensor. Then they've got a 13 megapixel telephoto, which can do a five times optical zoom and a 20x hybrids. Ooh combine that with an 8 megapixel whole two wires can take photos at a hundred fifteen degrees. And also doubles up as a Cruel in that's pretty awesome. And then they've even thrown in a 2 megapixel that sensor which is going to really help with those portrait shots when it comes to the selfie shooter on the realme X2 Pro. It has a 16 megapixel shooter that does support night mode. Now, this is another big gun the realme rolling out and 

Battery And Charging Features

it's 250 watt super boot charging and a four thousand milliamp hour battery and that 50 watt charger means that this phone can go from empty. The pool is dirty. Five minutes and what I can say is wow. Now that's fast now that bass. Wow. So to go along with all these other Flagship features 

Realme X2 Speakers Features

realme of also included dual speakers to support Dolby Atmos, and I think it's true to say once you had a dual speaker smartphone. It's quite hard to go back to a mono speaker and the actual design on the front. They've gone with the water drop Notch, which is very much 2019 and there's a small chin at the bottom. Alright Gamers. I know you're really going to love these features. So 

Realme X2 Other Features

The realme X2 pro has a vapor cooling chamber which covers a hundred percent of the thermal surface. So when you're playing this phone stays cool and the pressure then you've also got hyper Boost 2.0 which is a dedicated gaming mode from realme that does all the usual stuff like stripped back background usage mute distractions and all this kind of stuff. But what makes this really cool is frame Boost 2.0 which improves the frame rate performance by 18 percent and then they've got touched Boost which improves the responsiveness by 35% which is really going to help you with your reaction speeds when playing games like Call of Duty on your phone. So Gamers come find me a call of duty. If you want to test your skills by gamer tags as well the screen right now, I'll be waiting and another addition to this phone is the haptic City uses which is actually surprisingly powerful and will help you get more immersed in your games so you can play on players. 

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