l Samsung galaxy s11 camera nothing can beat

Samsung galaxy s11 camera nothing can beat

So we got a massive bit of information regarding the new main camera sensor in the Galaxy S 11 and it could just be a huge upgrade. So we've known for a while now that the biggest area of improvement for the Galaxy S 11 series is going to be the camera Samsung are going all out in the house 11 and changing up the hardware. It's been rumored to include a periscope Style zoom camera like we see in the way P30 Pro it will use a Very similar type of Technology with the camera positions off to the side and the lenses arranged in a periscope style. So we know that Samsung are changing the sensor under the main camera unit for the first time in years a much needed upgrade for that camera. So a bigger sensor initially thought to be around 16 megapixels. That would be a solid upgrade and a bump up in megapixels certainly for Flagship phones that usually use around a 12 megapixel. For sensor, this is thought to be the sweet spot for those types of phones. Well, according to ice Universe on Twitter. Anyway, Samsung have torn up the rulebook and thrown it out the window because they could possibly be using a brand new one hundred or one hundred and eight megapixel camera sensor in the Galaxy S XI. Can we believe this rumor? The Galaxy S. 11 is a flagship fine for Samsung and it would be extremely unusual for them to give that sense of first to xiaomi. But according to his tweet. Anyway, this camera sensor will be new possibly an upgraded version of that camera technology with some Hardware tweaks. That would make it even better. We should remember that the one hundred and eight megapixel camera sensor that Samsung made uses tetra-cell technology. So actually it will take 20 Seven megapixel images a standard Twilight uses extremely large camera sensors in its phones with high megapixels and then uses pixel binning to take those 40 megapixel sensors down to 10 megapixels for normal Imaging purposes. Although you can use the full pixel readout if you want for Samsung might just be joining the race with Huawei and now with xiaomi albeit a little bit late more pixels does not necessarily mean better.

Times actually the way a photo looks is more determined by exposure and color science. Just ask Canon and Sony DSLR users if you want to know more about that, but a photo with more pixels is sharper and that is completely unquestionable. So you can crop into the image a little bit without losing detail. Those images do look crisper and clearer especially even if you just crop in 10 or 15 percent, which is something that we do quite often the before Get excited about this rumor high probability like and universe I said is not a certainty. There's also no evidence to go along with the Tweet so we can't back this up ourselves. So we have a periscope type zoom camera for the Galaxy S 11 rumored and a possibility of a very large camera sensor with high megapixels and pixel binning. It does sound very much like the camera that we get in the P30 Pro and these camera upgrades may be a way for Samsung to go more head-to-head with the way P series.
And the Galaxy S 11 series and the P-Series do release around about the same time the try for the latest tech news and everything to do is Samsung. That's it for now.

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