l Samsung Galaxy S11 Unexpected Features

Samsung Galaxy S11 Unexpected Features

Galaxy S11 Amazing  features It 'll Surprised You 

And into a stream with regards to the latest Samsung Flagship Galaxy S 11. And today we found out about a new feature that Samsung could possibly be putting in the upcoming Galaxy S 11 that has never been seen in a Samsung time before or any mainstream phone for that matter. It's not enough to just have a good camera. Although Samsung are finally planning to upgrade. Camera Hardware in the Galaxy S 11. So going back a few years now Samsung have always put features in their phones to help us track and monitor our lives and they put features like Iris scanners in their phones. Although they stopped short of putting 3D face mapping technology that would enable 3D face unlocking but they have put features like ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in their phone. Whilst all the other Android oems are sticking with the cheaper Optical sensor and in the past Samsung happen. Implemented as sensor that is capable of measuring your heart rate and your blood pressure because for a long time now Samsung have pushed the S Health app the know what you're thinking but thanks to a new patent application is just come to light. Okay. So let's go digital personal fought for a patent for a new type of technology for smartphones. That looks way more interesting than anything we have right now and it might actually be something that people genuinely use on a daily basis, but I guess you Be the judge of that. Let's go digital found that Samsung filed for a patent for use of an infrared spectrometer. The IR spectrometer is placed nearly rear camera unit and emits an infrared beam that reflects back to the census in the phone because everything we see around us has its own unique signature. The phone will be able to tell you the exact makeup of the thing that is scanning for example items like food fats protein carbohydrates can all be Ered with immense accuracy so you could potentially scan all your food before you eat in and know exactly not just the calories but the makeup of the food that you're eating heart rate body fat percentage and stress levels can also be measured by this spectrometer. We have to know this is just a pattern for now, but if you look at the vast amount of applications for this Tech can actually have and the fact that Samsung do want S Health type applications to be used it does seem inevitable. 

Samsung Galaxy Cameras features 

This sort of thing will eventually find its way. It's a SmartPhone. But if you're looking for some more concrete Galaxy S 11 information, don't worry some good news for the Galaxy S 11 that is certainly coming is an upgrade to the traditional camera Hardware. It's been confirmed by Ice Universe again that the camera is going to be by far the biggest upgrade in the Galaxy S 11 another tipster from China who has had a very good track record with Samsung leaks thinks that the new sensor Will be a 16 megapixel shooter, which will also mean that the sensor itself will feature an upgrade and also become bigger than before and when I asked about 90 hurts refresh rates for the Galaxy S 11 as Universe said very probable Oppo and even real me and read me have plans to put 90 hurts refresh rate screens in budget smartphone. So it's almost a prerequisite now that the Samsung Galaxy S 11 uses a 
Refresh rate screen and it would seem like they would fall behind if they didn't implement it. But with that said, let me know what you think. Would you even consider the Galaxy S 11 if it didn't have at that 90 hurts refresh rate screen and how about that spectrometer 

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